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70th Birthday Wishes, Sayings, and Quotes to Write in a

Now that you are 70, all your years of dieting, exercising, and doctor's visits are really starting to pay off. If I could go back in time, I'd buy your birthday gift the year you were born. It would have been much less expensive 70 years ago. I've been thinking about myself possibly turning 70 in the future, too.

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50 Congratulation Messages for a New Promotion - Holidappy

All the sacrifices that we've made in our marriage are starting to pay off. Let's raise a toast to a well-deserved promotion and a new beginning in our lives. I love you. Remember, the purpose of your message is to lift up the recipient and help them feel proud of what they've accomplished.

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100 Ideas for Advent Calendar Fillers - Holidappy

Print off some very small pictures of you two together or your family and put them into a tiny photo album. There are services that can print your photos from Instagram as well. 14. Record a Song. It doesn't matter if you're musically inclined or not, you can make the one you love smile by recording a song for them.

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Original Gift Ideas for Seniors Who Don’t Want Anything

Cooktops and ranges are most frequently implicated in kitchen accidents. Elderly people are more likely to forget to turn burners off after removing pans, leave food unattended on the burner or lose track of cooking times. Others that have arthritis or Parkinson's disease can easily spill food and ignite a fire.

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50+ Messages of Sympathy: What to Say When Someone Dies

" This comes off as insensitive and offers very little consolation to the receiver. "Try to stay positive. Everything works together for a reason." This may come off as a bit condescending to the receiver. If not that, it's unhelpful to hear in the mourning process. "At least you're still alive, you have to be grateful for that.

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75 Things to Write in a Card to Cheer Someone Up - Holidappy

30 Compassionate Things to Write in a Card to Cheer Someone Up. When you want to express a kind and compassionate thought in card to a friend or a loved one who needs cheering up, but can't find the words, choose from this list and make your own card:

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