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Still at the Beginning? A recent review "Current and Emerging Pharmacotherapy for Fibromyalgia" examined the state of drug therapy for FM. It was a bluntly honest review. The news on the drug side has not been, after all, all that good in FM. A large study found that

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Hummingbird vs ICES vs PEMF | Health Rising's Chronic

Hi all, I'm looking to purchase and try one device (for now) with my little budget, around $400. Brief history: 47 yr old female, was very healthy + athletic until several years ago when I became quickly disabled by severe ME/CFS. I have oodles of symptoms of course but the biggest hurdles are

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The Hummingbird: Could a Blood Flow - Health Rising

If you use this coupon code – HealthRising – you can get $25 off. The Vital Motion website states that 75% of those buying the device have kept it. I haven’t tried the Hummingbird yet but both I, with my ME/CFS/FM/MCS, and my partner, with her ME/CFS and POTS, are going to try it.

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Curcumin or Tumeric | Health Rising's Chronic Fatigue

@Remy they have free shipping if you order over $25 and 15% off with Coupon code 15swan but I'm looking at some comments on amazon so not sure. I'm liking the one I saw on amazon. I'm liking the one I saw on amazon.

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Powder City Close-Out Sale | Health Rising's Chronic

Powder City is closing shop. Too bad, they've always treated me well. Check out their closing sale quick.Items are going fast (some ran out before I paid for my cart), but there's still plenty of powder and capsules like baicalin, rhodeola, pterostilbene, magnesium, IP6, curcumin, glutamine, bacopa, l-arginine, etc. "TAKE25" coupon code (in addition to other discounts) gets you 25% more off.

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A "Metabolic Trap" for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS

Hey gang, for all interested – Veritas Genetics has been offering coupon code “DNASPECIAL” for $100 off WGS. However, I believe the .vcf file might cost extra, although Veritas includes interpretation and some genetic counseling. I’m happy to share my results with you, Robert, when they’re available.

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Resource - Buying Drugs From Canada - A Good Choice for

It's approved in the US but only for leukemia. So insurance won't cover it off label for mast cell disease normally given that it is something like $100k a year. But even if it wasn't approved, the process is still the same. Just send a prescription.

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A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Brain on Exercise - Not a

If you google Xifaxan coupons you will see there are 75% off ones that come up. This is what I used as my insurance denied coverage. It was still very expensive but a lot better with the discount. See if a local pharmacy will honor one of the coupons. I actually took all the coupons I found online and they added them together. (I’m in

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Supplements - Places I use with best prices/shipping has good prices, free shipping, free returns, no tax, autodelivery, points accumulation and a referral program. They frequently have coupons for discounts and you can google to find some too. Iherb has ok pricing, free shipping if over $20, quantity discount pricing and they do ship int'l for pretty cheap.

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