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Offering Customers Incentives to Return - dummies

Some examples are a percentage-off coupon code, an offer to buy one and get one free, a limited-time offer, the option to purchase on a deferred-payment plan, and the opportunity for free shipping. When you have this information, you’re ready to create an offer tailored to the consumer’s preferences!

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How to Create Etsy Coupons - dummies

Etsy creates the coupon code and lists it on the Coupon Codes page. If you want to deactivate a coupon code you can easily do so. Simply click the code’s Active link. Then, in the dialog box that appears, click the Inactive option button and click Save Changes. Etsy deactivates the code for you.

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Use Mobile Coupons for Your Website - dummies

Mobile coupons come with one major snag: Because the coupon barcode appears on a phone’s LCD screen, many older, laser barcode readers can’t process the information. For just this reason, Target Corporation recently spent tens of millions of dollars to replace all scanners at its cash registers around the United States.

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How to Manage Coupons on Your Website via Squarespace

The following configuration settings are available for all coupons: Coupon name: Provide a name that describes the coupon. Promo code: Create your own promo code, or let Squarespace generate a random code for you. The following configuration settings are available depending on the coupon type and discount type you choose in the preceding steps:

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How to Create Coupons for Your Etsy Shop - dummies

These days, coupons are everywhere, including on Etsy. Yes, that’s right: You can offer your Etsy customers discounts on merchandise or free shipping through coupons — or, more specifically, coupon codes. Buyers can then apply these codes to purchases during the checkout process. (When a customer redeems a coupon, Etsy’s 3.5 percent transaction fee applies […]

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How to Use Coupons for Price Discrimination in Managerial

When you use coupons, you start by establishing a single price for the good. The price is then lower for customers possessing a coupon. So, customers not using a coupon pay the price P, while customers using the coupon pay the price P – C, where C represents the coupon’s value.. In essence, coupons are another way to implement third-degree price discrimination.

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Ten Manufacturer Coupon Sites to Join - dummies

Manufacturer coupons are coupons released by the manufacturer of the product. These coupons say “manufacturer” and should be accepted at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons. In the last year, the number of shoppers going online to get find ways to save has skyrocketed. Many manufacturers have hopped on board with the new technology, releasing […]

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How to Calculate a Percentage Discount - dummies

You can use subtraction to calculate a percentage discount. In fact, when you hear the words discount or sale price, you should automatically think of subtraction. Here’s an example: Greg has his eye on a television with a listed price of $2,100. The salesman offers him a 30% discount if he buys it today. What […]

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Finding College Tuition Discounts: Cha-Ching! - dummies

For instance, if you’ve budgeted $30,000 per year to attend a particular college, including tuition, residence, meal plan, books, and other costs, and you get a “30 percent tuition discount,” don’t expect to get $9,000 off the top. If $15,000 of the total cost is for tuition, a 30 percent tuition discount reduces your cost by $4,500.

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