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In episode 34 of the OFID podcast, OFID Editor in Chief Paul Sax, MD, speaks with David Meltzer, MD, PhD, professor and chief of hospital medicine at the University of Chicago, about his research linking low vitamin D levels with COVID-19 susceptibility, the limitations of currently available data, and if vitamin D supplementation is wise.

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Stigma by Association in Coupon Redemption: Looking Cheap

To manipulate coupon value, buyers were then privately informed that the bookstore was running a promotion and that a coupon was available for the assigned product. The experimenter provided buyers with $5.00 and a coupon worth either $0.25 (low value) or $1.00 (high value) off the regular price.

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How Do Consumers’ Cultural Backgrounds and Values

With coupons used online, consumers often need to search for the right coupon (which, in our experience, can be quite effortful and time-consuming) and apply the coupon code in the appropriate box during checkout. 2 In contrast, low self-regulators may be deterred by the effortful process of using coupons and may be tempted to use their time on

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Ignored or Rejected: Retail Exclusion Effects on Construal

Coupon Code Preference. For the analysis of coupon code preferences, we used only points allocated to the coupon code format Y (textual format) because the points allocated to both options had to equal 100. As predicted, a one-way ANOVA showed a main effect of retail exclusion type (F(3, 200) = 4.70, p = .003).

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Competition in Posted Prices with Stochastic Discounts

A naive view would argue that since consumers who negotiate reductions off posted prices or use discount coupons pay lower prices than do price takers, bargaining and discount coupons ought to be encouraged. This was certainly the view of the United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading (2004, section 1.12) with regard to the estate agency market

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Promotional Games Increase Consumer Conversion Rates and

While prior research on discounts has studied how different facets of a straight discount, such as how its format (e.g., percentage off vs. buy one get one free; Gordon-Hecker et al. 2019), amount (Grewal et al. 1998), and presentation (Krishna et al. 2002) impact decision making, it is a priori unclear how such discounts would be judged vis-à

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Effect of Goal Specificity on Consumer Goal Reengagement

There were 25 items on the grocery list, and participants were given 16 coupons (e.g., 37 cents off brand A shampoo, 10% off brand C coffee); some coupons were not relevant to their grocery list. Then participants went through a virtual grocery store in which they were offered items at various prices.

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