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Top career sections Career opportunities. From mechanics to mail handlers to marketers, explore your possibilities. Working at USPS. Challenging and rewarding environment.

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$50 off the purchase of this PC when you enter e-coupon code DTP06301 during checkout. Save $30 (mail-in rebate) on the CV5500 monitor purchased with this PC. Add the HP deskjet 920C photo printer to this desktop system for $43 (with $50 mail-in rebate). Financing 180 days same as cash without payment, see Web site or call for details. Hardware

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Reminder: International Reply Coupons (Return Dates

Reminder: International Reply Coupons (Return Dates: January 1 – 31, 2018) Retail Unit Instructions. All Postal Retail Units (PRUs) must submit foreign-issued (exchanged) International Reply Coupons (IRCs) accepted through December 31, 2017, to the Kansas City Stamp Fulfillment Service (SFS) center.

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Postal Bulletin 22562. December 31, 2020. 'Tis the Season

service), with a 5 percent discount off the published retail prices for GXG service. Customers who prepare GXG shipments via Click-N-Ship service will con-tinue to pay retail prices. Commercial Plus ® prices are set to match the Commercial Base prices. Priority Mail Express International. Priority Mail Express International (PMEI) service pro-

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International Products - USPS

Also, customers who pay postage by permit imprint and use authorized mail preparation software receive an 8 percent published discount off retail rates. Discounts of 8, 10, or 12 percent are also available for high-volume customers using Express Mail Corporate Accounts and permit imprint manifest mailing system software from the Postal Service.

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Organization Information - USPS

Organization Information Finance International Reply Coupons. U.S.-issued International Reply Coupons (IRCs) Item 330700 (currently sold by the U.S. Postal Service ®) expire December 31, 2009.To ensure customers have sufficient time to use current IRCs before they expire, the cut-off date for selling expiring IRCs, Item 330700, is October 15, 2009.

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Postal Terms - USPS

Certain items of inherent monetary value. These include postal items such as International Reply Coupons, postage stamps, philatelic products, Stamped Envelopes and Stamped Cards, blank Postal Money Order forms, or any unsold item awaiting destruction. Accountable materials also include service items provided to the general public on half of

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Front Cover - USPS

postmasters must pr ocess coupons as prescribed in sec-tion 11-6.6 of Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Proce-dures (previously, the reference was to section 426.9 of Handbook F-1, Post Office Accounting Procedures). We will incorporate these revisions into the next printed version of the IMM and into the monthly update of

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POSTAL BULLETIN 22152 (4-14-05) - USPS

peeled off and placed on calendars, telephones or computer monitors. fiRPNs are billboards for business mail. They extend the life of the mailpiece,fl said Pricing and Classification V.P. Stephen Kearney. fiThey add value by highlighting impor-tant sale dates and information, contact phone numbers, coupons and other key points that companies

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Need Postage Stamps? It’s Easier Than You Think

Need postage stamps? They may be closer than you think. Save yourself a trip to the Post Office the next time you need stamps, because now you can get them wherever you are, even if you’re staying in.

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MAIL –DELIVERING RESULTS 46% 46% 46% Millennials Gen X Boomers 33 % 32 % 35 % 17% 18% 14% 3 4 4 79% 78% 81% Likes to discover what the mail brings every day and considers time spent looking at/reading mail is time well spent

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